Solutions for Mid-Market IT Outsourcing

Although they provide unique challenges, mid-market clients are perfect for those outsourcing providers that can tailor their services to the needs of their customers. With large companies, the approach to overhauling their IT infrastructure needs to be fairly general, creating a strategy that has been tried and tested many times before.

Meeting Expectations

Acora exceed the expectations of their clients by outlining the strategy from the beginning. A good outsourcing provider will come across as transparent, knowledgeable and customer focussed. From the client’s perspective they will be able to plan their operations around the IT overhaul and know exactly how long it will take.

An Open Approach

For a mid-market business they need to trust in their outsourcing provider. This means putting the time in to provide an insight into how the business operates and co-operating with the IT specialists. The more information they have about the specific requirements about the company’s IT system then the better they can tailor their approach and deliver a solution that will work from the beginning.

Many mid-market clients are growing, which is why they require IT outsourcing in the first place. Nurturing an open relationship from the outset means that as these clients continue to grow, they can rely on their IT provider to create new solutions as and when they are needed.


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Welcome to Acora’s Wordpress page, where you will find news and posts based on the company. Acora is an IT services provider, with expertise in advisory services, IT outsourcing and business applications. It has been operating since 1986, and has grown year on year, now employing around 17560 IT professionals across three sites. This company has achieved three ISO standards, relating to delivering managed services, best practice for an information security management system and quality management systems. It has also achieved a British Standard for business continuity management. Acora’s IT advisory services encompass IT strategy, IT governance and application transformation. IT strategy consultancy involves ascertaining the client’s business objectives and then ensuring that they have the necessary IT functions in place to support their plans. As the rate of change within the IT industry is ever accelerating, Acora recognises that all IT strategies need to be agile and flexible so that they can quickly be updated in line with new developments. The unique Triple-A agile approach has been developed to get results more quickly, so that clients can immediately have confidence that the strategy is paying off. Effort is concentrated on areas which can provide maximum value. In the area of IT governance, Acora helps clients to establish sound IT practices which improve service levels and ensures that its IT assets are used to best advantage. It uses a practical IT governance framework, which leads to effective and sustainable IT governance. Application transformation is the art of transitioning from an old IT application to a new one - Acora provides expert guidance in this, applying its extensive experience to help organisations that wish to renew or replace mission critical business applications. It works with clients so that changes of application become strategic and proactive rather than tactical and reactive. The company also takes its corporate responsibilities seriously, and regularly organises fund raising days to support a diverse range of charities. Good causes which they have supported include Children in Need, Alzheimer’s’ research and the British Heart Foundation. Events arranged for 2015 include a tea party arranged in support of Marie Curie, and a team from Acora is taking on the Three Peaks Challenge.

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